Organization/Institution Member

Organization/Institution Membership can only be taken on the name of registered Organization/Institution where any persons (nominated by Organization/Institution) can enjoy the Organization/Institution member benefits. This membership cannot be registered at the name of any individual. For membership sent email to

Benefits for Institution Members

Individual Member

Panoply Consultancy individual membership offers an opportunity to join an elite group of professionals/scholars. Individual Member is a person who is either employed in corporate sector, or is self-employed, or employed as educationist, or is working as freelancer. Moreover the individuals who are studying as well as pursuing their careers (working / earning) can become individual members.

Benefits for Individual Members

Student Member

A person who is enrolled in any degree program and is not employed anywhere can be a student member. It is mandatory to be a student member that the applicant for student membership is enrolled in a degree program and should not be employed anywhere. (*Those who are studying and working at a time, should apply for Individual memberships).

Benefits for Student Members

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