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ANURA BINTI AZLAN SHAH (Country Director, Malaysia)

Anura is a country director of the Malaysia office. She is responsible for developing relationship with key clients, leading on consultancy projects, and coordination of development programmes in various institutes. As an active person in various activities, she has the opportunities to lead, initiate and manage as well as developing the ability to work with people with different level and social backgrounds

Anura is highly motivated, diligent and committed. She is organizing trainings contributing in many international conferences for the development of research. With this, Anura is results driven, dynamic and resourceful country director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. Anura is a doctoral candidate in the domain of strategic management. She holds bachelor degree in Economic and a master degree in Business Administration


MARYAM IQBAL (Country Director, Pakistan)

Maryam is the country director for Panoply Consultancy in Pakistan. Her key responsibilities include consultancy, representation, strategic positioning, business planning, programme development and management, overall resources management, trainings and conferences management.

Maryam's working life has ranged from working in small educational institutes in the volunteer sector in the Pakistan, to large Universities and Organizations with a focus on organizational development, training and learning.


HASHIM AWAIS BUTT (Deputy Director, Pakistan)

Hashim is currently working as a deputy director at Panoply Consultancy. He is highly trained and experienced leader focused with organizational leadership. His primary responsibilities as a deputy director at Panoply Consultancy, producing a sound and sustainable budget, managing financial assistance and liabilities, overseeing accounting polies and standards

Hashim is involved in activities including outreach, volunteer coordination and partnerships development, as well as marketing, media relations, public relations and issues management activities.

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